Kat Buescher (She/Her)

1st VP

Quin Mullins (They/Them)

Position: Vice President

School: Formerly Covington Latin School  

​University: Northern Kentucky University

​School: Covington Classical

Grade: Senior

Years taking Latin: 4 years

Contact: kjclpresident@gmail.com ​​

​​​​​​School: Covington Latin

Grade: Senior
​Years taking Latin: ​4 years​

Contact: kjclcoco@gmail.com​

Magister Ryan Divine (He/Him)

Position: State Chair

School: Covington Latin School (Teacher) 

​University: University of Cincinnati '20

Contact: ryan.divine@covingtonlatin.org

School: duPont Manual

Grade: Junior
​Years taking Latin: 
​3 years​

Contact: kjclhistorian@gmail.com

School​: Covington Classical

​Grade: Junior

Year taking Latin: 3 Years

Contact: kjclfirstvp@gmail.com​

Salem Thompson (She/Her)

2nd VP 

Magistra Bari Clements (She/Her)

Positions: State Chair

SchoolMadison Central High School (Teacher)


Contact: bari.clements@madison.kyschools.us

KSCL Officers

Bella Cornett (She/Her)


Lucy Obermeyer (She/Her)

Position: President

School: Formerly Covington Latin School  

​University: Thomas More University

KJCL Officers

Lilly Hagen  (She/Her)

Position: Secretary

School: Formerly Covington Latin School  

​University: University of Louisville

Owen Hartmann  (He/Him)

Position: Parliamentarian

School: Formerly duPont Manual

​University: Undecided 

Melissa Longbrake (She/They)

Communications Coordinator

KJCL State Chairs

Lukas Crawford (He/Him)


Nico Ulrich-Arreola  (He/Him)

Position: Inter-Chair Liaison

School: Formerly Madison Central

​University: Will attend the University of Wisconsin

Rachael Ehrman  (She/Her)

Position: Historian

School: Formerly Covington Latin School

​University: Undecided 

​School: Madison Central

​Grade: Junior

​Years taking Latin: 3 years

Contact: kjclsecondvp@gmail.com

Joscelyn Dowdell (Any Pronouns)


School: Covington Latin

Grade: Senior
​Years taking Latin: ​
4 years

Contact: kjclparliamentarian@gmail.com