Kentucky Junior Classical League

Duties of each office:

-1. President:

                -a. Serves as chair of the KJCL Executive Board

                -b. Works with the State Chair to prepare agendas for all


                -c. Stays aware of the activities of KJCL Officers, and

offers assistance where appropriate

-d. Maintains correspondence with all members of the

Executive Board

-e. Promotes the activities of the KJCL within the


-f. Speaks on behalf of the KJCL as occasions arise,

including local JCL meetings within his/her area

-g. corresponds with local JCL Officers informing them of

JCL activities

-h. Corresponds with local JCL Newsletters

            -2. First Vice President:

                -a. Executes the duties of the President in the event of

his/her inability to serve

-b. Is responsible for encouraging schools to participate in the national publicity contest and, when applicable, the state publicity contest

-c. Is responsible for publicizing KJCL through state and local news media.

-d. Is responsible for promotion of KJCL membership

-e. Is responsible for accepting membership awards given at National Convention

            -3. Second Vice President:

                -a. Serves as a resource for local JCL officers to contact

concerning suitable programs for their clubs

-b. Is in charge of the Spirit Contest at Convention

-c. Executes the duties of the President whenever both the president and first vice president are unable to serve

            -4. Communications Coordinator:

-a. Keeps an accurate record of all meetings, sends these minutes for proofreading to the KJCL Chair, and passes them on to the succeeding Communications Coordinator

-b. Keeps membership records to be passed on to the succeeding Communications Coordinator

-c. Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of the annual convention, including seminars and meetings of the Executive Board, which he/she will hand over to the KJCL Chair for proofreading before he/she leaves the convention

-d. Maintains the KJCL website and other on-line infrastructures

-e. Administers the KJCL Website Contest and/or other technology-related competitions at the state level

-f. Prepares and enters the KJCL website in the NJCL Website Contest

-g. Assists local chapters and/or members of the KJCL Executive Board with     technology-related matters

            -5. Parliamentarian:

-a. Is responsible for and shall make all decisions concerning the correct observance of the rules of parliamentary procedure according to this organization’s parliamentary authority, which is state in Article III, Section 2 of this constitution to be Robert’s Rules of Order

-b. Executes the duties of the President in the event of his/her, the First Vice Presidents, and the Second Vice Presidents inability to serve

-c. Presides at any meeting of the Kentucky Junior Classical League that involves the KJCL or NJCL Constitution and/or Bylaws, or the election process of the KJCL or the NJCL

-d. Is responsible for receiving filing papers of KJCL Candidates and/or applications for vacant KJCL offices

-e. Works with the KJCL State Chair to revise the KJCL constitution and/or its Bylaws if necessary, subject to approval by a two-thirds majority vote

            -6. Editor:

-a. Edits the state publication

-b. Solicits and/or writes articles for the Torch: KY

            -7. Historian:

                -a. Compiles records for annuals

        -b. Files all Junior Classical League materials of historical


-c. Creates and keeps a scrapbook

Campaign Guidelines:

Candidates will have to give a speech no more than three minutes in length at the General Assembly which follows the Nominations Committee
Candidates must be able to attend the Nominations Committee along with two members of their delegation (along with their sponsor?).
Campaign Materials must be displayed on in designated areas. If asked to remove your materials due to inappropriate slogans, bad placement etc. be ready to comply.

(They must also be from a chapter in good standing and have paid their dues etc.)