Level I:

           1st: Katherine Buescher, CCA

           2nd: Siya Patel, MCHS

           3rd: Drake Herget, CLS +

                     Philip Constant, CLS

      Level II:

           1st: Joe Purtell, CLS

           2nd: William Brewer, 

           3rd: Gabriel Weber, CLS

       Level III:

           1st: Ezra Smith-Pohl, dMHS

           2nd: Andi Burgher, CLS

           3rd: Brian Noe, CLS

       Level IV:

           1st: Dylan Kissling, dMHS

           2nd: Quin Mullins, CLS

           3rd: Owen Hartmann, dMHS




     Level I:

           1st: Katherine Buescher, CCA +

                   Atlas Lewis, CCA

           3rd: Icel Tabigue, DCHS

      Level II:

           1st: Bella Cornett, CCA

           2nd:  Jayda Lovensheimer, CCA

           3rd: Tristan Coombs, DCHS

       Level III:

           1st: Lucas Thompson, CCA
           2nd: Trevor Howard, DCHS
           3rd: Tristan Coombs, DCHS

       Level IV:

           1st: Lilly Hagan, CLS

           2nd: Ezra Smith-Pohl, dMHS

           3rd: Nico Ulrich, MCHS




​     1st Overall Spirit: duPont Manual 

Minecraft Building

    ​1st Place: Bella Cornett, CCA

           Ruins of the Library of Celsus

     2nd Place: Lukas Crawford, CLS

​           Lighthouse of Alexandria

     3rd Place: Jay Patel, MCHS

           Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

      Special Recognition: Andrew Moulton, MCHS

           Hanging Gardens of Babylon


Costume Contest

​     1st Place: Mads Richey, MCHS

​      2nd Place: Blaise Perry, CLS

      3rd Place: Axel Erdman, MCHS

Kentucky Junior Classical League


     Level I:

           1st: Ethan Desai, CLS +
                   Drake Herget, CLS

          3rd: Mason Dunwoody, CLS

      Level II:

           1st: Bella Cornett, CCA
          2nd: Matthew Bier, CLS
          3rd: Jayda Lovensheimer, CCA

      Level III:

           1st: Kayla Thompson, CCA
           2nd: Brian Noe, CLS
           3rd: Hunter Farthing, MCHS +
                    Trevor Howard, DCHS

       Level IV:

           1st:  Lilly Hagan, CLS
          2nd: Nico Ulrich, MCHS
           3rd: Quin Mullins, CLS +
                    Lydia Martell, DCHS




KYJCL State Convention 2023 Awards:

​Roman History

     Level I:

           1st: Rylynn Dickerson, MCHS

           2nd: Truett Moore, CLS

           3rd:  Salem Thompson, MCHS +

​                      Jay Patel, MCHS

      Level II:

           1st: Tabby Kirtley, DCHS +

                    Jack Rauf, CLS

           3rd: Joe Purtell, CLS

       Level III:

           1st: Lucas Dwyer, CLS
           2nd: Roscoe Dalton, dMHS
           3rd: John Paul Guilford, CLS +

​                    Rachael Ehrman, CLS

       Level IV:

           1st: Ezra Smith-Pohl, dMHS

           2nd: Lucy Obermeyer, CLS

           3rd: Quin Mullins, CLS



Impromptu Art

​     1st Place: Atlas & Kat, CCA + Lukas, CLS + Paige, dMHS

​      2nd Place: Lydia Gilroy, River Rush, Aiden Fraley, TCHS

      3rd Place: Andrea, Ellie, Rebekah, and Lucy - CLS

​Painting and Drawing

​     1st Place: Salem Thompson, MCHS

​      2nd Place: Andi Berger, CLS

      3rd Place: Siya Patel, MCHS


​     1st Place: ​Lydia Gilroy, TCHS

      2nd Place: Trevor Howard, DCHS

      3rd Place: Jay Patel, MCHS

​Handicraft - Dolls​   

     1st Place: Paige French, dMHS


Certamen Results


​            1st: Covington Classical Academy
            2nd:  Covington Latin School
            3rd: Daviess County High School


           1st: Covington Classical Academy
           2nd: Covington Latin School B

           3rd: Covington Latin School A


           1st: duPont Manual High School
           2nd: Covington Latin School

           3rd: Madison Central High School





     Level I:

           1st: Mia Carman, dMHS
           2nd: Icel Tabigue, DCHS

           3rd: Philip Constant, CLS

      Level II:

           1st: Georgia Pratt, CLS

           2nd: Ally Hanter, dMHS
           3rd: Kieran Berg, CLS

      Level III:

           1st:   Lucas Dwyer, CLS
           2nd: Kayla Thompson, CCA
           3rd: Hunter Farthing, MCHS

       Level IV:

           1st: Lilly Hagan, CLS
           2nd: Owen Hartmann, dMHS

           3rd: Quin Mullins, CLS




​Mottoes, Abbreviations, Quotations

     Level I:

           1st: Atlas Lewis, CCA
          2nd: Katherine Buescher, CCA

          3rd: Truett Moore, CLS

      Level II:

           1st: Brigitte Lipson, CLS
          2nd: Weston Jesinoski, CLS
           3rd: Betty Greelish, CLS +
                    Kyla Davis, CLS

      Level III:

           1st: Alyssa Celedonio, dMHS
          2nd: Julia Devadason, CLS
          3rd: John Paul Guilford, CLS

       Level IV:

           1st: Dylan Kissling, dMHS
          2nd: Ezra Smith-Pohl, dMHS

          3rd: Lilly Hagan, CLS
                   Owen Hartmann, dMHS




Academic Testing

​Ancient Art

      Level I:

           1st: Siya Patel,  MCHS

           2nd: Jocie Shronta, CLS

           3rd: Salem Thompson, MCHS +

                     Haley Voet, CLS

       Level II:

           1st: Bella Cornett, CCA

           2nd: Joe Purtell, CLS

           3rd: Reese Gastright, CLS

       Level III:

           1st: Coey Cheng, CLS

           2nd: Alyssa Celedonio, dMHS

           3rd: Julia Devadason, CLS

       Level IV:

           1st: Quin Mullins, CLS



​Reading Comprehension

     Level I:

           1st: Icel Tabigue, DCHS
Kamden Walters, MCHS
           3rd: Libesty cePero Perez, dMHS

      Level II:

           1st: Lily Frey, CLS +
                   Matthew Bier, CLS
          3rd: Mads Richey, MCHS

      Level III:

           1st: Isaias Bement, CLS
          2nd: Trevor Howard, DCHS +
                    Roscoe Dalton, dMHS

       Level IV:

           1st:  Teerna Bandyopadhyay, dMHS    

          2nd: Nico Ulrich, MCHS

           3rd: Ezra Smith-Pohl, dMHS




​Roman Life

     Level I:

           1st: Haley Voet, CLS

           2nd: Morgan Maselli, CLS

           3rd: Siya Patel, MCHS

      Level II:

           1st: Joe Purtell, CLS

           2nd: Weston Jesinoski, CLS

           3rd: Mads Richey, MCHS +
                    Russel Johnsonbaugh, CLS +

                    Rebekah Neal, CLS 

       Level III:

           1st:  Julia Devadason, CLS
           2nd: Brian Noe, CLS

           3rd: John Paul Guilford, CLS

       Level IV:

           1st: Ezra Smith-Pohl, dMHS
           2nd: Samuel Deans, dMHS
           3rd: Owen Hartmann, dMHS +

                    Lydia Martell, DCHS




Sight Reading

​      Level I

          1st Place: Icel Tabigue, dMHS

            2nd Place: Siya Patel, MCHS

            3rd Place: Jay Patel, MCHS

      Level II

           1st Place: Michaela Stewart, CCA +
                               Bella Cornett, CCA +
                              Jayda Lovensheimer, CCA

      Level III

          1st Place: Lucas B, CLS

           2nd Place: Trevor Howard, DCHS

           3rd Place: Andi B, CLS

     Level IV

          1st Place, With a PERFECT Score: Nico Ulrich, MCHS

          2nd Place: Sophu M, Lexington Catholic

          3rd Place: Mary-Claire Harris, Lexington Catholic +
                               Ezra Smith-Pohl, dMHS